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MATRIX 120 Portable DC Power Pack

MATRIX 120 Portable DC Power Pack

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Get ready for your next ultimate outdoor adventure! Introducing the all new MATRIX 120 Portable DC Power Pack. Designed and developed in Australia to tackle the toughest conditions you might encounter during your travels.

Picture this: a rugged design with a robust ABS and PC flame retardant moulded case, integrated strap tie-down tabs, and ergonomic dual-finger grip grooves for easy carrying. Plus, a fold-down carry handle and a top storage compartment for all your cable accessories.

The MATRIX 120 provides and impressive 120 amp-hours of battery capacity or 1536 watt-hours of usable power! This powerhouse can handle just about anything you throw at it, and it even comes with a one-meter battery clamp lead for vehicle battery recovery. It's the perfect companion for those longer getaways to power all of your 12 volt appliances including lights, portable fridges or via USB-A or USB-C for all your mobile devices and laptops.

 Want to power your AC appliances in your remote location? Simply connect your MATRIX 120 to an optional AC 240V inverter, sold separately.

 Inside this power pack is the latest in Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology. Safer, more usable power, and greater reliability than other lithium chemistry batteries. With over 2,000 discharge and recharge cycles, you're getting a high-performance battery with a long lifespan.


  • LiFeP04 (Lithium Iron Phosphate), the latest and safest in lithium cell technology, for increased power input, faster charging and longer lifetime
  • 100A max current output via either the 50A (black) or 120A (blue) Anderson type sockets
  • Vehicle flat battery recovery feature - max current 360A
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) for added cell protection
  • Can be recharged 4 ways;
    1. Using the included 240V AC power supply,
    2. Using the included DC USB-C (PD) panel socket,
    3. USB-C AC wall charger and
    4. Solar or DC/DC charger (3 and 4 not included)
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) for added cell protection
  • Colour LCD display, indicating real-time data, including battery capacity, and the incoming/outgoing wattage and current and more
  • Accessories include a mains 240V AC 220W power supply, 1.0m solar input lead, 1.0m battery recovery clamp lead, 1.0m USB-C to USB-C (PD) 100W power lead and a USB-C (PD) 100W panel socket


Battery Cell Chemistry: LifePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Nominal Capacity: 60Ah/768Wh
Nominal Voltage: 12.8
Lifecycles: 2000+ (80% SoC)
Outputs: USB-A: x4
USB-C (PD): x2
Cigarette type socket: x3
Merit type socket: x2
Posi-Fit type (Engel 2 pin): x1
50A Anderson type (blue & black) socket: x2

50A Anderson type (red) socket: x1 
• Mains recharging: 240V AC power supply (included)
• Mains recharging: USB-C (PD) 240V AC power supply (not included)
• Solar recharging: Solar array and charger/regulator (not included)
• Vehicle recharging: DC/DC function, UBS-C to USB-C (PD) lead and panel socket (included)

Operating Temperature: -20ºC - 40ºC
Dimensions (mm): 262 L x 310 W x 273 H
Product Weight: 9.8kg (including accessories)
Contents: • Mains 240V AC power supply
• 1.0m solar input lead
• 1.0m USB-C to USB-C (PD) 100W power lead
• USB-C (PD) 100W panel socket.
Warranty: 2 Year Limited
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