Paige Hareb

Known for carving up some serious surf, we fitted Paige's 80 series Landcruiser with our Hard Shell Roof Tent and Tent Top Rails –perfect for the famous surfboard and gear in tow. Paige, alongside Lauren Murray, tour some of New Zealand's best locations to capture authentic adventure content and have fun along the way. 

Lauren Murray

Lauren Murray is a Queenstown-based explorer and creative specialising in adventure, outdoor, landscape, commercial and lifestyle photography. Her passion for photography is fuelled by her love for adventure and vice versa. Lauren has enjoyed creating captivating content for Paige to use on social media and elsewhere, and together, they have become a perfect fit for our Tuatara touring range.

Lennon Bright

Lennon is a Wanaka-based photographer, an avid outdoorsman and 'dadventurer.' Lennon is passionate about shooting anything in the wild and doesn't hesitate to get off-road with the Tuatara SSE, testing and using it exactly where it should be on the mighty Suzuki Escudo. Lennon is always doing it whether he's out on the snow, fishing on the river, camping with his family, or sipping coffee in a remote location.

Andy Brown

Recently signed, we are excited to welcome Andy Brown (Not So Flat Adventures) as an ambassador for our Tuatara range. Andy's background in wedding photography has seen him combine his storytelling skills with his passion for off-road exploration and misadventures. We will fit Andy's Subie out in our Kiwi Camping gear and keep up with him and his family on his future adventures down south.