Which Rooftop Tent for me?

Which Rooftop Tent for me?

Rooftop Tents have been quietly making their way onto the tops of SUVs, Ute's and vehicles around the country for effortless camping setups. Being able to pitch in a matter of minutes, sleep under the stars, tour off-road and get back on the road in no time are only some of the perks that come with owning a Rooftop Tent.

Mounted onto your vehicle's roof rack system, Rooftop Tents provide off-the-ground, comfortable and quick camping setups - all you have to do is find an incredible location to set yourself up. The vantage point of being high off the ground is a unique feeling. Being amongst the trees or looking out upon a magnificent coastal scene before drifting off to sleep is why Roof Tents have become so popular as an alternative way of camping.

Do I need a 4x4 to mount one?

Rooftop tents aren't just exclusive to 4x4 or ute owners. If your car's roof racks have a suitable weight rating, you can safely mount a rooftop tent. Station wagons are a great place to start, with ample storage in the boot and plenty of roof space to fit a tent. With the right camping equipment, a quick overnight getaway becomes much easier with a rooftop tent. Surfers can travel to secluded beaches and make the most of the early morning breaks without having to wake up in the dark and drive from home. Hunters can set up a portable base camp and enjoy easy accommodation on the go.

Rooftop tents take the admin out of camping. With a range of accessories such as awnings, shower tents, walls and tyre tables, the most desirable of campsites can be set up in minutes, literally! It's easy to chop and change camps daily; the only setup required is to open and close the lid. Everything else remains the same.

How do they work?

Rooftop tents are just as the name suggests. They are retractable tents inside a shell, securely fastened to vehicle roof racks. These tents have the capability of being put up in minutes and, with the various matching accessories, can be turned into a customizable camp setup.

Advantages of Rooftop Tents

Keep yourself dry and cozy in any weather and season. The robust materials of Roof Tents shield against wind gusts and harsh sun, and power cord entry features allow for internal heating for a cozy stay anywhere.

Sleeping on a flat surface on our comfy, plush mattresses will provide a great night's sleep wherever you are before waking up to an elevated morning view - it really doesn't get much better than that.

In a matter of minutes, set yourself up in a stunning location and maximize your time to adventure and experience the outdoors without losing precious time to pitching. Likewise, when your trip is over, and it's time to hit the road, you'll be ready to go for a few minutes.

With reduced space than a traditional tent and a vehicle to get you further, the opportunities for beautiful camping spots in New Zealand to reach are endless. Rooftop tents allow you to adventure further and explore places you've never been before.

No more having to hunt for a smooth flat piece of ground to sleep. Roof tents have a smooth flat platform to sleep on; you can even level off your vehicle to make for a


What Kiwi Camping Rooftop Tent is right for me?


Pitch Time: 2 Minutes
Sleeps: 2
Mattress: 35D 7cm sponge
Significant Features: Blackout Roof Tent, 180-degree views, lightweight at 49.5kgs

New Zealand's original blackout rooftop tent, the SSC is a fantastic option for couples or singles and those with Utes, hatchbacks or smaller vehicles. The blackout fly ensures a better night's sleep and longer sleep-ins. Its compact design also allows you to maximize the space of your roof rack and add on any additional items such as bikes and surfboards. Easy to pitch in just under 2-minutes, the SSC is a great entry-level rooftop tent for easy adventures and the front porch is designed to maximize the views wherever you are. The external pockets can be used for shoes and other gear while the hanging hooks provide light in and around your roof tent.



Pitch Time: 2-3 Minutes
Sleeps: 2-3
Significant Features: Full-length weather-shield, blackout fabric, 10,000mm aqua rating, 2-in-1 windows and skylight.

Tuatara Plateau Rooftop Tent

This tent showcases distinctive curved weather shields, proven successful in our Kiwi Camping dome tents for over three decades. This design serves to boost airflow and minimize condensation. Created for small SUVs, hatchbacks, and Utes, its compact shell design cuts fuel consumption. Despite its size, the interior space remains generous, ensuring comfort without compromise.


Pitch Time: 5 Minutes
Sleeps: 2-3
Significant Features: Blackout fabric, full-length weather shields2-in-1 windows, anti-condensation sleeve on poles, D-shaped front door for easy access and redesigned accessory and shoe pockets.

Tuatara Summit Extended Rooftop Tent

Meet the Tuatara Summit Extended, a robust rooftop tent for 2-3 people. Boasting a unique curved rain fly and frame design, inspired by the proven success of our Kiwi Camping dome tents over three decades. This innovative setup effectively channels water away from the tent's canvas body, minimizing condensation buildup. Additionally, the new window design ensures improved ventilation throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions..



Pitch Time: 1 Minute
Sleeps: 2 
Mattress: 5cm memory foam
Significant Features: External Gas Strut with 450NM rating, EXO hinge design fully integrated into the base and shell of the tent for sturdy structure and mountability. Also features an M8 track system, sail tracks, internal LED lights, heavy-duty PVC shoe bags, 2-in-1 window designs and an internal storage pocket. 


Tuatara Peak Rooftop Tent

A trailblazer in New Zealand, it comes with a unique annex room attachment option (available separately). Built to withstand the harshest Kiwi climates, the robust aluminium shell ensures durability. Thanks to the swift pop-up gas struts, you'll be fully set up within a minute. The innovative 'T' channel system lets you attach accessories directly to the hard shell, while the airflow mechanism allows ventilation even in inclement weather. With ample space and sturdiness, the Tuatara Peak is the ultimate choice for avid adventurers.

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